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“Education reform is the new civil rights movement of our time. All of our nation’s ills will not be solved until we fix our education system. How many potential doctors, Noble Laureates, lawyers, lifelong volunteers, great parents, teachers, and prize winning scientists will we continue to lose?

So, this is our sojourn – to Build Responsible Intelligent Creative Kids so they can achieve their Dreams!”

Dominique Lee, Founder and Board Chair


1/6 of inmates in the New Jersey’s correctional system come from the South Ward of Newark, NJ. Shortly after landing at Malcolm X Shabazz High School located in the South Ward of Newark, NJ as a Teach for America recruit, Dominique D. Lee grew disgusted with a system that produced ninth graders who were reading below a fifth grade level. He recruited six other Teach For America alumni and led the creation of a school management nonprofit in 2009 called Building Responsible Intelligent Creative Kids (BRICK). Their focus was to turn around and managing high-quality public schools for the neediest children by infusing best practices learned from traditional public and public charter schools and addressing the elements of poverty that impede academic excellence. Their first school was Avon Avenue School, which at the time was the worst performing school in Newark, NJ.

“Building Responsible Intelligent Creative Kids (BRICK) aims to place Newark’s most vulnerable children on a positive life trajectory by providing our students with the academics and character skills they need to be college-ready and, addressing the elements of poverty that impeded their academic success so that they can all become successful adults.”

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