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Achieve Community Charter School builds innovators who graduate college ready to solve the world’s next set of challenges.


The vision of the Achieve Community Charter School is to provide a Pre K-K-12 continuum that fosters the individual needs of students as they develop the skills, character and values that will prepare them for college and empower them to use their unique perspective as an asset to shape our country’s future.

Core Principles

Achieve provides a new vision for the classroom experience that promotes students’ intellectual and emotional development through rigorous, personalized study and provides purposeful pathways that offer students multiple opportunities to practice and master the higher order skills and knowledge that enable postsecondary success.

The Achieve model is purposely designed to reach students during their most important developmental years and empowering them to be decision-makers and partners in their own education. ACCN is fiercely committed to cultivating the intellectual curiosity and providing students with daily rigorous individualized college preparatory instruction set to high standards. ACCN understands that students must have choice in order to be invested in their own learning – and that ultimately different pathways need to be created so each student can meet the same overall goal. Specifically, at ACCN, a customized plan of learning is developed, in consultations with the student’s parents for every student, community mentors and assigned school based advisors work 1:1 throughout the school year to ensure goals are met.

Instruction matters greatly, but at ACCN we work to ensure every child also begins to build their own value system root in intellectual curiosity and personal identity. At the core of ACCN’s values driven school culture is the scholar value system. ACCN invests time and diligence in explicitly teaching and constantly reinforcing the value system – DREAMS (Diligence, Respect, Empathy, Appropriate Self-Expression, Model Citizenship and Self Control).

ACCN’s pedagogy is focused not only on the importance of college, but to develop what we call an Innovator’s DNA: associating, questioning, observing, networking and experimenting. To assist in these efforts, ACCN has made computer science a core subject for every student, cultivating a problem solving skillset that will allow every student to help market themselves professionally far beyond their college degree. In addition, ACCN partners with community organizations to provide scholars with internships and excursions to continue to broaden the horizons of our scholars.

To ensure scholar success ACCN makes certain that parents and the community at-large are involved in the overall development of scholars. Specifically, ACCN works with parents on an individual basis to ensure their scholar success, parent leadership opportunities are provided to help steer the success of the school and ACCN schools are used as hubs for the community, hosting neighborhoods events and maximizing local partnerships.

The ACCN’s community of scholars and families have been exposed to adverse childhood experiences (ACE) and toxic stress at rates four to eight times greater than that of the general population. ACCN provides a specialized and integrated, trauma informed intervention system that allows staff to proactively identify the needs of every student and match them with tailored supports and resources, including two-generation family supports. These supports are designed to provide individualized parent coaching to empower them, to better support their scholars and become healthier. In addition, ACCN has built a platform to share student-centered data across all systems, education, health care and family services – ACCN believe this data approach allows the school to go to the next level in personalized learning, by providing a holistic approach to ensure ALL scholars are successful.

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