BRICK Approach

BRICK Academy systematically and comprehensively injects the characteristics of the highest performing urban schools into historically failing schools. Additionally, BRICK Academy places an emphasis on not losing students through the process of turnaround by implementing systems that meet their social needs and figuring out creative solutions to stabilize their families. BRICK starts the process by partnering with a district of state education department In support of each turnaround, BRICK Academy provides four related services

Stage 1

Pre Turnaround Management

Prior to school launch BRICK recruits a team of 6-9 team members, majority of the team being made up of teachers, to be the BRICK Turnaround Team. For 6-12 months the recruited BRICK Turnaround Team goes through a descriptive training program that is led by a senior BRICK leader. By the end of the training the Team will be unified in a common mission, have a school design and have the capacity to implement BRICK’s core competencies.  See More

Stage 2

School Management 

The BRICK Turnaround Team starts to implement their school plan by recruiting a diverse staff to exemplify BRICK Teacher Core Competencies. In addition, the BRICK Turnaround Team does massive community engagement to build bridges and have community ownership of the turnaround efforts of their neighborhood school.  See More

Stage 3

Turnaround School Management 

After the school launch BRICK Academy’s network office and the BRICK Turnaround Team work hand in hand to oversee and manage all operations of the school. BRICK Academy’s Network provides constant support to its schools and school staff by ensuring that BRICK’s core competencies are being implementing with fidelity, teachers have a real voice in all aspects of the school, See More

Stage 4

Year 4+

After year three BRICK Academy ensures that the gains made during years 1-3 are sustained and built over time and supports the school to continue to build systems to empower and stabilize families.  See More