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BRICK has developed a Two-Generation Collaborative program to better serve the needs of students, their families, and the community as a whole. Our model has two key pillars

Pillar One: BRICK Academy (School Portfolio)

A continuum of high-quality in-school programs for every childhood developmental stage and across every domain: academic, social-emotional, and physical and behavioral health

BRICK manages two traditional public schools: BRICK Avon and BRICK Peshine; and in the fall of 2017 will open the first of our public charter network: Achieve Community Charter School.

Our priority is operating schools that uplift the spirit, stimulate the mind, and encourage our students to thrive. We achieve this by meeting kids where they are, not where some bureaucratic standard says they should be, and our teachers seek academic, social, and emotional paths to success for each student.

The instructional strategy focuses on small groups. In grades K-2, small groups rotate through teacher lessons and student-paced cooperative learning activities. In grades 3-5, we use the same small group approach, but introduce academic rigor while instilling school values and encouraging college ambitions. Middle school students hone in on the skills and competencies each student needs to master to become college-ready.

Pillar Two: South Ward Children’s Alliance

The goal is early intervention through family-focused outreach programs to build family resiliency to address common problems such as lack of health care, hunger, and inconsistent housing, as well as parenting issues that impact academic performance, allowing us to forestall future setbacks.

Our community outreach supports the parents/guardians of current students and seeks to engage new and expecting families via a variety of family-focused programs, including:

The Family College: a free, fun and engaging series of parenting education classes for first-time expecting parents and for parents and caregivers of children 0-to-3. The goal of the Family College is to strengthen the community of South Ward parents and caregivers by providing regular and essential information about early childhood and directing them to relevant resources and support. The Family College empowers participants to raise healthy and happy children ready to enter school prepared to learn.

The Family Hub: assists families in crisis. Case managers are available to mediate and intervene in a variety of situations such as housing insecurity, family depression, domestic abuse and other issues and to connect families to available services. We set goals for each family and the actions that will help attain them. as well as monitoring student performance as improvements are made to their home environments.