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Families may apply to BRICK Academy in two ways: by completing a paper application, or by logging into the new Online Enrollment Center at www.newarkenrolls.org. Families can pick up a copy of the paper application at any participating school or at a number of community locations, and can return the application to any school. Just be sure you list BRICK Academy (BRICK Avon Academy or BRICK Peshine Academy) as your top choice on the application!


BRICK Academy is open to all residents of Newark, New Jersey. Children entering Kindergarten must turn five on or before October 1 of their enrollment year.


One Newark Enrolls is a system of choice where all families can access great schools for their children, regardless of the school’s status as district or charter. The system is available to any Newark family wishing to enroll their child in a new school for the upcoming year. Students may rank up to eight school choices – both district and charter – on a single application. They will then receive a single offer to attend the best possible school given their selections.

The application is only open from January 7 – February 28, 2017, so apply today!

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BRICK has made me the teacher that I am. My administrator has taught me how to push myself and go in depth. I no longer just ask a child if they get it, now I assess them often to see what they are understanding. BRICK have made me the teacher that I am. Before him, I don’t think I was really a teacher


I would recommend kids for this school because the teachers here really help us and make sure we understand the work. People say that we have the worst school but we try to be the best.


BRICK Academy is a very good school and they are very concerned about all children and I appreciate all that they do for my children


Great Place For scholars to grow in life!!


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