Senior Leadership Team

Dominique Lee

Founder and Chief Executive Officer


Christopher Perpich

Chief Academic Officer


Melinda Weidman

Chief Talent/Performance Officer


Nichelle Holder

Chief of Staff


Liesha Garcia

Managing Director of Finance

Barbara Dixon

Chief Program Officer & Executive Director of the South Ward Children’s Alliance

Tish Johnson

Director of External Relations/Communications

Finance Team

Accounts Payable/Payroll Coordinator

Accounts Payable/Payroll Coordinator

Information Team

Data Coordinator

Ralph Legge

Database Coordinator

Wyatt Peter

Database Coordinator

Academic Team

Justine Snead

Director of 3-8 ELA

Erin Jones

Director of PreK-2 ELA

Caitlin Ramos

Director of 3-8 Math

TaNia Taylor

Director of SEL

Kelly Koopman

Director PreK-2 Math

Talent and Human Resources Team

Antonio Ortiz

Human Resources Coordinator

 Veronica Kapnick

Director of Evaluation

Evaluation Coordinator

Development Team

Director of Development

Grant Coordinator

Content Coordinator

Student Recruitment Coordinator

South Ward Children Alliance Team

Family Hub Director

Nicole Piedra

Family College Director

Justine Asante

Director of Operations

Early Childhood Director